A traditional vaccination is a means of giving the body a much less severe form of a disease than it could potentially contract. This primes the immune system to be prepared for the disease thus enabling the body to mount an effective enough defence that the animal doesn’t become severely ill when exposed to the real thing.

At Holistic Vets we carefully establish the risk factors for each individual animal and identify where vaccination is appropriate.

When we vaccinate, we use vaccines that have proven efficacy, provide the longest duration of immunity (3 years for the core vaccines we use for dogs and cats) and make use of appropriate remedies as well as nutrients to ensure that the animal has the least possible chance of experiencing any negative effects from the vaccine.

Research has shown that vaccines have a much longer term of effectiveness against disease than previously thought and each animal may have a different response in terms of the duration of immunity that is stimulated. Because of this, we also offer blood tests to determine whether an animal still has immune defense against certain diseases to ascertain whether a booster vaccination is necessary.