An animal's body can be exposed to an onslaught of toxins and chemicals from pollution in the environment, food additives and even the body's own metabolic function, especially when the system has become sluggish and its ability to clear these toxins out may be compromised.

Supporting the body holistically, one of the areas that we address to assist and encourage the inherent healing wisdom of the body to do what it does best and heal is detoxification.

Homotoxicology works towards eliminating toxins, which might be obvious in high amounts or present in very subtle quantities, from specific parts of the body, for exapmle the digestive, lymphatic or unrinary systems, and even the nerve tissues and brain. Removing the toxins has a similar effect to unclogging the engine of a car and the analogy follows that if the car is getting the right fuel and it's engine is well tuned, it will run well ... similarly, a physiological system free of toxins is much more able to function optimally and heal.