Essential Oils (EO's) are the subtle, volatile liquids that are distilled from plants, shrubs, flowers, trees, bushes and seeds. Oil distillation is an ancient process that was almost forgotten, but this delicate and precise art is now being rediscovered.

Being concentrated, essential oils contain virtually all of the plants healing nutrients, oxygenating molecules, amino acid precursors, cofactors, trace minerals, enzymes, vitamins and hormones. And because they are concentrated EO's are at least 50-70 times more potent than the plants they are derived from.

Because EO's contain such high amounts of oxygenating molecules, they are very effective delivery agents bringing energy and nutrients into the cells of the body where they are used to support cellular function.

In pets, EO's are sometimes infused into the air (as simply as dabbing onto a ceiling fan blade or a wagging tail!) to best penetrate respiratory tissues. They are often also applied to footpads or other hairless skin areas for quick absorption into the whole body. Care must be exercised with this, as some oils need to be diluted with carrier oils (usually sesame or olive oil) to avoid irritating sensitive tissues. EO's may also be given internally, but only with vet supervision as they can have toxic effects.