We all want our pets to be fit and healthy, to perform to their optimal potential and to have an excellent quality of life.

Good nutrition is fundamentally important to help your animal to stay healthy as it provides the basic building blocks that their body needs to function at its best.

When a diet is poor and then changed to include wholesome, well balanced foods, animals (and humans!) show a remarkable improvement in their condition, their working performance is enhanced and often, chronic ongoing health problems begin to resolve.

Many years ago our modern processed diets began to replace the healthy meals that we used to eat. Because our pets used to eat our table scraps, their diets became imbalanced and vets used to see frequent cases of nutritional deficiency diseases such as rickets.

Commercial foods were created and balanced these components helping to make up for these severe deficiencies. Subsequently nutritional deficiency diseases are no longer common place.

However, many commercial foods do not have optimal amounts of valuable essential fats, vitamins and anti-oxidants that are tremendously important for a healthy skin and coat, flexible and smooth joints and a fully functional immune system. In addition to this, some of these foods contain poor quality ingredients and often high amounts of chemical preservatives which may be detrimental to the long term health and performance of your pet.

As is the trend in human medicine, presently our pets are faced more frequently with a set of dis-eases called degenerative diseases. These include conditions such as allergies, arthritis, heart disease, cancers and auto-immune dis-ease. What we feed our pets plays a great role in the development and management of these conditions.

Like us, animals benefit greatly from food that is wholesome, natural and unprocessed. These foods are easily digested and used by their bodies and have high amounts of important vitamins, antioxidants as well as essential fatty acids. They are also easy to prepare.

An ideal diet for dogs and cats includes raw meat, ideally from animals which have been well nourished and raised in a wholesome environment. Meat should be free of chemicals and preservatives and contain optimal amounts of nutrients.

Nature knows best and feeding our pets with food that their bodies have evolved to eat over thousands of years will help to ensure that we are rewarded by our loyal friends living long and happy lives.