There are a great variety of ailments that animals present with. These include infections, overuse injuries, traumatic wounds, metabolic conditions, degenerative diseases, allergies, autoimmune problems and poisonings.

For any condition there are a number of effective solutions that we make use of to relieve pain, combat infection, assist with inflammation and accelerate healing. Often for optimal healing, a variety of modalities, which complement each other, are employed to streamline the healing process and generally with complementary therapies they work by supporting and guiding the body back into a healthy and balanced state.

One of the tools that we employ is the Neurological Integration System, NIS, which is a highly effective, gentle way of re-establishing balance in the body and aids in the healing of many conditions.

NIS has been developed as a healthcare system (at the Neurolink centre) primarily for humans, taking into consideration acupuncture meridians, principles from other healing modalities and the body's inherent healing wisdom. It works on the premise that the body has a remarkable capacity to heal itself. When this healing ability is impeded and dis-ease is present, NIS views this as a failure of the body to recognise the problem and institute its incredible restorative capacity to self heal.

A useful analogy is to consider a light being switched on at the wall. If there is a break in the circuit between the light and the switch, then the light simply won't light up when the switch is flicked. But if the circuitry is functional, then with just one flick of the switch - "Hey Presto", there's light!

Similarly, if all of the body's circuits are functional, then the manifestation of dis-ease is not likely as all healing systems will be in place and working as they should to ensure the early recognition of any imbalance which will bring about restorative processes to ensure that health is maintained.

With a series of muscle tests, NIS identifies which of these circuits are malfunctioning and allows us some insight into establishing a reason behind the animal's discomfort.

We then proceed to integrate the circuits of the body and thereby re-establish their working capability. The body then works wonders in its efficient and elegant manner to relieve pain and to restore health.

A NIS session can take ten to forty minutes depending on the severity of the animal's illness. Animals usually relax during NIS and generally respond well after just one session. Results are sometimes immediate and occasionally miraculous but when you know what the magician knows, it's no longer magic!