Hold the cat around the top of its head with your middle finger and thumb at each corner of its mouth. Use your left hand if right handed and visa versa.

Point the cat's chin towards the sky and have someone hold it's front paws and body if it wriggles or scratches.

Hold the tablet in your other hand between your thumb and index finger. Then using the middle finger of the same hand, gently pull down on the bottom jaw to open its mouth.

Once open, place the tablet at the back of the throat and give a quick push of the tablet down the throat with your index finger. Then close its mouth.

Hold the cat's mouth closed while still aiming the chin toward the sky and rub gently under its neck until it has swallowed.

Reward the cat with affection or a food treat.

If this fails you can invest in a pill popper or try the following:

Break the tablet into smaller pieces and sneak it into really tasty pieces of chicken or fish paste. Feed a small amount first without any tablet so that the cat doesn't think there's something suspicious going on and then follow with the pieces that have tablet in them.

Crush the tablet and mix it into some tasty food.

Crush the tablet and mix it into some butter, marmite or vegemite that you can smear on the coat and the cat should lick it off as they groom themselves.

Crush the tablet and dissolve it into water which can then be syringed in to their mouth.