Your pets long term health and wellbeing is our priority. During health checks we focus on identifying any areas which need immediate attention, as well as minor issues which may become more of a problem at a later stage, if they are not addressed. We then formulate a personalized health care plan, making use of all the best of both conventional veterinary medicine and surgery as well as complimentary and natural therapies.

In order to take all aspects of the animals life into consideration, and to ensure that their health and vitality are supported optimally, our health checks include:

  • Assessing their general vitality
  • Comprehensive dental check
  • Cardiac and respiratory examination
  • Posture and mobility evaluation to identify underlying bone, joint or muscle problems
  • Opthalmic exam
  • Ear check
  • Basic nerve and reflex tests
  • Nutritional advice

If there is cause for concern, or areas identified where further diagnostic work is indicated, we'll discuss these options with you. These might be blood tests, fine needle aspirates, radiographs (X-Rays), ultrasound, biopsies, etc.