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This story began many years ago but for now let me tell you about my Friday evening.... it had been a long week and miraculously I was finished early at 6 p.m., having seen all the critters needing help for the day, with my other work up to date I thought that I would head home, have a relaxing evening, a nice long bath and an early night.

Of course, even the best laid plans can go awry especially being a vet on call 24/7 for emergencies! I had a call from Bev, her gorgeous ragdoll cat Toby, who is always a character, just didn’t look right and he had a swelling that was suddenly visible under his tummy. She was concerned because even his Labrador friend Jet was licking him gently as if something was wrong.

She rushed Toby in and an examination showed that his claws were sheared and he had a large hernia (hole in his abdominal wall) through which some of his guts were protruding. Toby is remarkably tough big boy, very determined and although he was in a lot of pain, he was still quite bright and responsive. I suspected that Toby had fallen off a height and landed badly a few hours earlier, shearing his claws as he came down and landing with great impact on his tummy to create the massive damage.

It was clear that Toby would need emergency surgery but before we started, Bev helped me to take an x-ray to get more of an idea of what his internal injuries were. I especially wanted to make sure that his lungs were OK and that there was no damage to his diaphragm (big breathing muscle separating the chest from the abdomen) as this would mean more complicated surgery and higher risk. His x-ray confirmed the hernia, his diaphragm appeared intact and his lungs looked fine which was good news.

Our wonderful vet nurse Karen was called in to help and at 7 p.m. I sedated Toby, placed him onto intravenous fluids to support his blood pressure and we then gave him an injection to put him under anesthetic. We also gave him intravenous vitamin  C (remarkable at supporting tissue healing and helping to minimise further damage by free radicals which are chemicals that are produced from severe trauma like this) and an injection of Traumeel (a herbal and homeopathic preparation that is incredible at supporting healing, regulating inflammation and minimising bruising) into a special acupuncture point that would help to support Toby.  I always rack my brain to think outside of the square and consider “what else can I do that will help my patient”, this was inspired a long time ago by my high school biology teacher back in South Africa when I was growing up.

Next step was to shave away the hair on his tummy so that we had a clean field to do surgery and repair the damage.  Karen did one of her beautiful haircuts (definitely not my forte - once in my early days having a mobile vet practice, I did a home visit to groom some bad knots out of a cat called Bob and left him with a mohawk. My client Jenny gently advised that she thought that I should stick to my job of being a vet and not go into hairdressing!)... underneath Toby’s fur was severe and extensive bruising, poor Toby was really black and blue and all of this bruising would make healing from surgery slow and possibly create complications like the skin dying away but we had no choice but to continue.

I donned my gloves and surgical gear, poised the scalpel blade and began what was going to be a pretty big job. First I needed to make the incision in the right place, then gently part the tissues to identify what was what, which can be tricky when everything is so traumatised. Layer by layer, I managed to identify the different parts but suddenly there was a big gush of air and my heart sank, this meant that there was damage to Toby’s diaphragm that wasn’t picked up on x-ray and not long after I found that he also had 2 broken ribs and a grazed liver.

I spoke to Bev and explained that his injuries were a lot more severe than anticipated and we could be in for a rough road with his recovery and have a number of risks through surgery and after. She elected to proceed and encouraged me to do whatever I could. I remembered back to high school when the same biology teacher coached a number of sports teams that I was part of where a key message that has stayed with me was “when the going gets rough, the tough get going”.

Slowly but surely I sutured everything back together while Karen monitored Toby’s anesthetic reporting that he was stable and doing well, which was a relief as with such severe injuries, many animals “crash” and need further intensive care. 3 hours after starting I placed the last stitch just in time for Bev and her daughter Caitlin to arrive with some yummy dinner that they had prepared for us.

We bandaged Toby’s abdomen and chest to help protect his injury and he slowly came around after we injected him with pain meds and anti-biotics. Bev and Caitlin headed home and when Toby was stable enough I packed him into my car, with his drip, our drip stand and pump, etc.  to take him home to monitor for the night as we occasionally do with our patients where needed.

I arrived home around 11:30, looking forward to settling inside and finally getting a chance to relax. I placed my key into the door to find that our front door lock was jammed and no matter what I tried it just would not open! It had been a long week, a long night, I needed to get Toby inside to help him recover for the night, I had Bev’s tantalising food awaiting and I was pretty hungry! I went all the way around the house to the back glass sliding door and managed to get my hand though the window and undo the bottom latch but the top latch was still holding the door shut. .. what would I do now!?!?

Like anyone with good South African genes, I had to make a plan to break into our house. Hoping that no neighbours were spying on me, suspecting that I was a burglar and making plans to come and tackle me down, I took the most likely object to get the job done, our drip stand (!!!), fed it through the window and used it to manoeuvre the top door latch. It was tricky in the dark but I used our afterhours cell phone to shine some light and soon enough I was in the house! I sped through to the front door but no matter what I did it still would not open.

I had no choice but to unload Toby and all the gear that I would need for the night and take it around the house, in through the back door and into the spare room where Toby would spend the night. He was still nice and sleepy and comfortable so I sat down to eat some dinner at 12:30 a.m. and put my feet up momentarily for my “relaxing evening” glimpse!

Soon after, Toby was stirring. I checked on him and he started meowing and becoming restless although he seemed comfortable. I gave him an injection to help him sleep and soon he was snoozing peacefully and finally at 1:30 a.m. so was I. My alarm went off at 3 a.m. as Toby was due for more pain meds. He was awake again, meowing at me and a bit restless but seemed comfortable. I gave him another injection and we both settled for a few hours until his meow woke me again at 7 a.m..

I gave him a thorough check over, his wound / bandage were fine, he was bright eyed, amazingly alert and his pain was minimal but his meowing continued and he shook his leg at me almost as if free spirited Toby was protesting “It’s bad enough that I’m confined in this cage but I really don’t like this drip and bandage on my arm...”

My plan was to get Toby into work, give him another round of intravenous vitamin C to help him heal as unfortunately with the damage to his chest we wouldn’t be able to safely treat him in our hyperbaric oxygen chamber which accelerates healing at a staggering rate. I reloaded the car with Toby and all the gear, again having to go all the way around the house through the back door and we drove into work where Karen gave me a hand to get Toby’s drip going again. Toby was not impressed with this, he wiggled and protested and eventually we found that he had bitten a hole through his drip line at some stage. We had no choice but to remove his drip and holding him still enough to place another while we wrestled with his 7 kg of might (he’s a big cat as most cats are 4 – 5 kg!) was not going to be easy.

Sometimes, patients help us to make decisions and what medical protocol dictates isn’t always in their best interests. In Toby’s case, he was obviously happier with his drip off and although I would have preferred him to have it on, it wasn’t critical at this stage so we decided to leave him be. Karen made him up a smorgasbord of food and put it into his hospital cage. Whether an animal eats or not is often a very accurate indication of their well-being and this was a test that Toby passed with flying colours.

Toby devoured everything in sight and it finally dawned on me that in the early hours of the morning his meowing probably meant: “I’m starving here vet, I know that I’ve just had a huge accident and major surgery where any human would be feeling rough for weeks but I want some food!”. He didn’t seem at all concerned about his pain and trauma, just about his next meal to support his 7 kg frame... it had been a tortuous few hours for him without his grub!

Toby was making an extraordinary recovery but we weren’t “out of the woods” with potential complications. Because Bev is an attentive owner and has been a paramedic, it was clear that the best thing for Toby would be to go back to his home environment where he could be doted on.

Toby went home later on Saturday morning. I checked in with Bev on Sunday and she reported he was doing well, still a little wobbly on his feet but bright and eating although he hadn’t yet pooped. I assured her that “what goes in must come out” and thought that that same biology teacher taught me that at some stage too.

Toby hasn’t looked back! We removed his bandage a few days later to find his wound and severe bruising were healing steadily. His progress has been phenomenal and he probably owes thanks to my high school biology teacher’s wise teachings instilled in me at an early age.


P.S. My high school biology teacher was Bev!

Elmo arrived home at 2am Tuesday night in the middle of the storm crying and in obvious pain in his front leg. On arriving at the vets he was checked over, his right paw was cold to touch, his elbow was slightly dropped and he was knuckling on his paw (if you compare this to a human hand, the weight would be placed with the knuckles down rather than the palm) there were no wounds to indicate a cat bite or similar trauma but it was quite painful to touch. Elmo was admitted to hospital and given pain relief and an anti- inflammatory over night to keep him comfortable.

Elmo was checked over the following morning and was still not weight bearing on his leg. In order to get a clearer diagnosis, he was x-rayed to check for any fractures or joint disease, however none were found, but the symptoms suggested there may be nerve damage. It seems likely that he slipped in the bad weather and damaged all his nerves under his armpit, resulting in pain and inability to use his leg.

It was decided he would remain in hospital on cage rest and to enable us to administer pain medication; he was also given a metabolic booster to help his body deal with the stress it was under and help with healing. The Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber was suggested as a therapy to help him, the oxygen chamber helps the body heal by infusing the cells and tissues with oxygen, each session lasts an hour and to be of full benefit a series of sessions is usually employed depending on the severity of the condition being treated.

The following day Elmo was purring, affectionate and seemed to have settled. On examination his paw was warm to touch and just about a normal temperature, it was also sensitive to a light pinch where as previously there was limited sensation. He was offered some raw meat to eat and loved it! Later in the morning he was observed pawing at his water and fully extending his bad leg with good shoulder movement. He was let out of his cage to check his foot placement and although still knuckling was managing to put weight on his leg. He was given a second oxygen treatment and anti-oxidants.  After this he was starting to extend his paw and was weight bearing.  The temperature of his foot was back to normal and he was beginning to use his bad paw to groom himself again.

For the next day Elmo was maintained on anti-inflammatories, pain relief with some natural supplements, along with a third oxygen treatment. He made such rapid improvement in the use of his leg, as the inflammation settled and the nerves regained their function. As the weekend was coming it was decided by Elmo’s vet and owner that he could go home for the weekend in a large crate to rest and enjoy some quiet time.

Elmo came back in on Monday morning to see Dr Tara and he was managing well at home and was using his right leg very well.  He was eating well and was still taking all his supporting medications.  Elmo seemed comfortable with no evidence of distress.  He is now almost completely back to normal with control of his paw and keen to explore! Nerve injuries can be very challenging to treat as the nerves do not heal easily, however with the use of anti-inflammatories, anti-oxidants and oxygen therapy, Elmo has made a miraculous recovery within a week!

... as told by Jackson's owner


“My partner and I recently brought in our dog, who was having some poo issues and long standing skin/allergy problems. Since we've adopted him 4 years ago poor Jackson has licked and constantly scratched his way through life. He would get little sleep at night and drive us all bonkers. Jackson is very energetic and hyperactive; this too has also been difficult to manage.

He was constantly on steroids and antibiotics in hope to calm his "crisis" periods and had to keep him away from a lot of vegetation and even grass at times! We tried every lotion and potion under the sun and were close to resorting to a final measure.

We discussed this with Liza who gave us some simple steps to take and changes to his diet.

Pretty much instantly Jackson's skin condition settled and has disappeared. His fur is starting to grow back with lustre and shine. He no longer licks and scratches all night and finally we can all get some sleep. Visitors no longer get over excited greetings and have commented on how calm he is.

The poo problem was treated successfully and there has been no further episodes, the follow up phone call was appreciated and it is that kind of service that separates you from the rest. We have been busy telling all our friends and family about the great services and results we've experienced.

We would like to thank Liza and the team for all their help. We only wish we had come to you years ago!”

Teddy was one sore and unhappy dog after being diagnosed with Hip Dysplasia, Elbow Dysplasia and Degenerative joint Disease.  And had been showing signs of intermittent and irregular lameness.  As well as suffering with all this he had gastrointestinal problems too.

His owners just wanted all the help they could get for Teddy and sought the advice of Dr Liza to see if there was anything she could do.

Dr Liza suggested that Teddy’s owners continue with his diet of Orijen, raw food and vegetables as this seemed to be agreeing with him.  She also wanted Teddy to have a 1/4 - 1/2 dose of Nordic Naturals oil and introduce Mybeau bone and joint.  Teddy also stayed on protexin powder (Probiotics) to help with the upset tummy.

Teddy was then put on Grape-pips which are a great natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.  He was also given a Heel remedy to use as needed for his tummy upsets.

Teddy’s mum and dad were given some other options including NIS (Neurological Integration System) and Acupuncture if needed.

We heard back from Teddy’s owners after a couple of weeks and they said that his tummy had been fine, his energy levels and general vitality were much improved and he loves the Nordic Naturals Omega 3 but hates Mybeau so he hasn't had much for the last 3 - 4 weeks!!  (you can’t please everyone’s taste buds).  Teddy’s owners also said that the grape pips seem to be really doing an amazing job.

The next time Teddy came in to see Dr Liza his coat was much improved, and he was happier in himself.   Dr Liza then completed an NIS treatment on Teddy and picked up on a few remaining issues within his body and suggested that he may need another session in 10 - 14 days depending on his  progress.

Dr Liza prescribed some USANA: Bodyrox and Procosamine instead of the  Mybeau that he really didn’t like.  And he was to continue grape pips and the dose of Nordic Naturals Omega 3's.  He was also given Traumeel to use as this is a homeopathic heel remedy to help with inflammation.

Update on Teddy’s Progress now....

Hi Liza,

I just wanted to update you on Teddy. He's doing so well! We have got his walks up to 40 minutes per day with zero signs of lameness afterwards. He was only able to walk for ten minutes just a couple of months ago! Yesterday we took him to Raglan beach which is very hard underfoot and he was off leash, running and playing in the water and NO lameness afterwards! This is pretty much a miracle!

So thank you so much for what you do. You have made such a huge impact on our whole family by helping Teddy like you have. We are so grateful.


At nearly 12 years old, Princess suddenly became paralysed in her back legs and couldn't stand. She had slipped a disc in her back which was putting pressure on her spinal cord causing her to be paralysed. This was of great concern and her loving owners were very worried about her.

In Daschunds, this is a relatively common condition as they have a long back which predisposes them to getting back injuries. Sometimes surgery is needed to clear away the damaged disc but we often get wonderful results making use of complementary therapies.

We treated Princess with a combination of neutraceuticals, herbs, homeopathy, Acupuncture, NIS therapy and 3 sessions in our hyperbaric oxygen chamber which is incredible at helping to restore nerve function and accelerating healing.

After 3 weeks of being paralysed and amazing nursing care from her loving family, Princess's legs started working again and she was able to stand. She is now on her way to making a full recovery!

Our 5 year old border collie was suffering from an auto immune disorder, causing him to have outbreaks of sores and wounds under his legs and stomach. Initially we consulted with our local vet, who treated his problem firstly with antibiotics, and after no success, a course of steroid type mediation was prescribed. After a few months of this treatment, there was no improvement in his condition, and the medication had adverse side effects including dramatic increase in weight and kidney damage. Our local vet was unable to offer a definite diagnosis, but suggested we could sent a biopsy away to the USA for analysis, at a cost of approx $600. There was still no guarantee that this would prove conclusive. As you can imagine this was a very distressing time for both us and our pet, and we were very conscious of the fact we could lose our dog.

On the advice and recommendation of a friend, we sought the help of a holistic vet, in the hope that they would be able to offer a treatment were conventional methods had failed.

Liza met with us and our dog, and after an initial assessment, she was able to advise a course of new treatments, that would wean him off his old medication and using various detox and herbal remedies to treat the problem rather than the symptoms in order to aid his recovery.

After a couple of months of this new treatment, the sores began to heal, and his general health and vitality improved greatly.

We have no doubts that if we had not had the help and support from Liza, that our dog would surely have died. Today, he is a a happy healthy dog, full of energy, once again enjoying his life .

We would have no hesitation in recommending Liza and her holistic treatments.

”The treatment is amazing - now, a little short of a year later Penny is still receiving no treatment and her incontinence has not returned – not even one little accident.  Penny is much happier now - more sociable with other dogs and we’re so pleased she doesn’t have to have any harmful medication."

About 5 years ago our adorable dachshund Penny started suffering with urinary incontinence and as she sits on my lap quite a bit, this wasn’t very pleasant for me and she didn’t enjoy having a soggy bottom!

Our vet at the time (in Auckland) gave me some drops to add to her food twice a day (Propalin Syrup) and these worked really well – the problem stopped.  However, I was always concerned at the long list of possible side effects from Penny’s medication and one change in her that I did notice was that she became a little bit snappy with other dogs.

My husband and I along with Penny and her brother Keefy moved to Tauranga a year and a half ago and started looking for a new Vet and we came across Holistic Vets.

With our first appointment I was so impressed that I didn’t have to put the dogs on a metal trolley (incontinent or not, Penny always made a puddle on the table!).  The patient stays on the floor on a mat and the Vet comes down to their level – Penny wasn’t nearly so intimidated.

Liza explained that we could try a homeopathic remedy for Penny’s incontinence and although it doesn’t always work – there was a chance that she could be totally free of any treatment and at worst, she would have to stay on harmless homeopathic drops for the rest of her life.  We jumped at the opportunity and started on the new drops.

After about 2 weeks Penny was weaned off the Propalin Syrup drops and after another 4 weeks she was weaned off the homeopathic drops as well.  We were so impressed as there was no relapse of her incontinence.  The homeopathic treatment is amazing - now, a little short of a year later Penny is still receiving no treatment and her incontinence has not returned – not even one little accident.

In addition to traditional veterinary treatment, if you prefer a more natural, less harmful approach – you’ll get plenty of advice and information about all the options available so you can make the right choice for your pet.  Thanks Liza.

“From one day to the next she changed from a pathetic and bizarre-behaving animal to a normal pussy cat. It was amazing!”

Bubbles is our cat.  We will never forget her distress, or ours, when at 6 years old she wounded her tail.  It was stitched but didn’t heal properly and half her tail had to be amputated. From the outset Bubbles was very upset by the bandage and worried at it constantly. After the amputation, which was about 2 weeks after the initial injury, she came home but was wild in her misery. We failed to keep the collar on (which in fact was too big) and we didn’t know how we were going to stop her from biting at the bandage and worsening the situation.

I contacted the vet again and he said they’d look after her for a few days. They put on a smaller collar, which she couldn’t wrench off, and kept her in a cage. On her return home she was severely traumatised. Initially she hid in a corner and related to nobody. A more miserable animal would be hard to imagine, but after a day or so she responded to us again. For the next couple of weeks we did our best to give her a chance to recover. We hand fed her with the collar on or took it off and shielded her from the sight of her tail while she was eating. We also groomed her and encouraged her to wash with the collar off. The bandage and stitches were duly removed, but her behaviour continued to be very abnormal. Whenever she glimpsed her tail her eyes took on a strange, wild appearance and she’d either try to attack her tail (we didn’t dare takes our eyes off her while the collar was off) or run away from it. It was as if she thought it was something alien and quite intolerable.

This was not only devastating for her but also for us. She was needing a lot of care and seeing her in this state was quite unbearable. Her quality of life was so low that we had reached the conclusion that we’d have to have her put to sleep.

It was at this point that we contacted Liza at Holistic vets. Initially Liza prescribed two things: a naturopathic remedy (which didn’t appear to help) and a change in diet (which did help her appetite). However, during our first phone conversation Liza had discussed other types of treatment that we could use if necessary and with Bubbles still in such a low state I rang Liza again and asked if we could try them.

It was a memorable afternoon. Liza worked with Bubbles using a thorough, amazing and completely non-invasive process, enabling Bubbles to heal herself as Bubbles lay on my lap as if nothing particular was happening. We had high hopes of an immediate recovery (along with some scepticism), but Liza warned us that the effects might be delayed or that it might not work at all.

A few days later I gave Liza a rather bleak report, but I remember she asked whether Bubbles had done anything normal at all and I recalled that, just once, she had jumped off my lap and sharpened her claws on a tree stump as if she were free of her nightmare tail. Liza counted this as significant and she was right. A couple of days after that, and five days after the additional treatment, there was a complete and miraculous transformation in Bubbles’ behaviour. From one day to the next she changed from a pathetic and bizarre-behaving animal to a normal pussy cat. It was amazing! From that day on the sight of her tail has no longer upset her and she has led a full and happy life.

“The next day he roared into the house like a puppy; we couldn't believe the difference.  No limp, no stiffness, no nothing - our boy was back!  …I couldn't recommend Liza and Holistic Vets high enough; we both believe she saved Bentley's life.”

When Bentley, our golden retriever was 3 he suddenly appeared stiff in his hind legs and hobbled.  We took him to the vet who diagnosed arthritis and gave him some anti inflammatories which seemed to bring him right.  Within a week or 2 he suddenly  needed help standing and looked like he was losing control of his back legs - it was like he was drunk.

Peter and I were beside ourselves with worry and rushed him back to the vet.  3 vets assessed Bentley and we were told it was probably neurological; a lesion on his spine that was so small it wasn't showing on x-ray.  Further tests (which involved injecting a dye into his spine?) were deemed too dangerous so we were advised to place Bentley on Prednisone for the rest of his life.

I was in tears at this stage and Peter was very upset because the words 'neurological' and 'lesion' frightened us.  We felt helpless and angry that our big gentle boy who loves life so much and gives so much love was looking at a shortened life span reliant on a drug to help him walk. We declined the prednisone - neither Peter or I are anti drugs but we knew the possible side effects and wanted to research other alternatives.  If we could do something to keep him off prednisone for even a few years...............

I had been referred to a holistic healer for a cough that came and went each winter that had been traditionally treated with strong steroids.  I went to see the lady believing that she would not be able to help me - how's that for positive!  The results were truly amazing so when Bentley fell ill we decided to try to find a holistic vet to see if they could help him.

That's when I called Liza.  She came straight over to our house and the first thing that struck me was that she crouched down and gave Bentley a big hug.  You can tell Liza loves animals; it shines through.  Liza then proceeded to examine him very gently and asked about his diet, showed me how to massage his back and muscles which were very tight and advised us of some therapies we could try - we said yes; we'd try anything!

So what happened?  After Bentley’s treatment he was very tired and hobbled off to bed for the rest of the afternoon.  The next day he roared into the house like a puppy; we couldn't believe the difference.  No limp, no stiffness, no nothing - our boy was back!  We changed his diet as Liza suggested and also put him on supplements.  A side benefit of this is he actually loves meal times now - before with dried foods he ate, but you could tell he didn't think much of the food - and who wants to eat dried stuff every day for ever?

Is Bentley 'cured'?  No, but 2 years on he is going strong because Liza has taught us how to manage his illness with diet, supplements, massage for his stiffness (which he loves) and the odd treatment session.  We also limit his exercise to about 40 - 60 minutes per day max and have a supply of anti-inflammatories on hand that Liza has prescribed for the odd time he over does things and gets a bit sore.  It is not time consuming or expensive to prepare his meals and the massage at night is 10 minutes of rubs and pats - not hard!

We know Bentley may one day have to go on a stronger drug and when that day comes we know Liza will do the absolute right thing by Bentley and by us.  I couldn't recommend Liza and Holistic Vets high enough; we both believe she saved Bentley's life.


Bounce’s Remarkable Recovery

Bounce was a rescue dog that had a very rough start. To start with she needed a Femoral Head Ostectomy (FHO) surgery to fix her dislocated hip that did not stay in after it was put back in place due to an underlying infection that was in the hip joint from a previous injury.

After the surgery was done I was told that Bounce should start to use her leg a bit after a week but 3 weeks went by and she had showed little signs of using her leg and it was getting very upsetting.

My auntie told me about Holistic vets, so an appointment was made and after meeting Dr Liza and getting some diet changes, supplements and an NIS treatment, I could see a big change in my little girl. After a few days I noticed a change in the way that Bounce was sitting and she was in less pain, things were going well. I was still working in with my normal vets getting acupuncture once a week, the progress was slow but it was good.

Queen’s birthday weekend came along so I packed myself and Bounce up and we went to the farm for the weekend. We got to the farm and Bounce went out to play with the farm dogs and what happened was amazing, Bounce started to use her leg, she was finally weight bearing on her leg and walking on it, things were looking up but on the Monday of the long weekend Bounce’s leg  started to seize up again.

After visiting my normal vets and X-rays being done we had to consider amputating Bounce’s leg. We went to see Dr Liza the next day. She did an NIS treatment and referred Bounce.  And so myself and Bounce ended up in Matamata that night where Dr. Stephen McGill checked Bounce over and found that she had an infection in her hip that was causing the leg to seize up.  After leaving my little girl in Matamata for 3 days, I picked her up on the Friday and she came running out to greet me on all four legs, it was a miracle. After that we had a rehab plan put in place, which included the Hyperbaric chamber treatment at Holistic Vets, antibiotics for the infection and physical therapy.  Bounce was well on her way to a full recovery. It is well over a year since all this has been done and Bounce is doing really well -she can run at 40 km/h on all four legs beside the motorbike,

Many thanks to Dr Liza and her amazing team at Holistic vets for all that was done to help get my little Bounce The Border Collie walking and running again.

Holistic vets are the best,

Myself and Bounce now live in Hamilton and we still travel 1 ½ hrs to see the Holistic vets team. If you find something good you hang onto it.

Charlie's Story

Charlie is a gorgeous Chocolate Labrador who recently had a very bad skin allergy that lasted quite a few months.  His owner, Deb Bodger, came to us for help after seeing her boy so unhappy and uncomftable.  Charlie was constantly scratching and gnawing his belly to find relief from the nasty itch, but this only made his condition worse and he began to bleed and get blisters.  Charlie became really stressed and depressed.  So Deb brought him in to see us at Holistic Vets and Dr Liza prescribed a session of NIS (Neurological Integration System), a course of Vitamin C to help his body heal and a daily dose of Chlorella, Flax Seed Oil and My Beau.  2 months later and just look at his progress!  Deb and Charlie are VERY happy and for the first time in ages, Charlie is ‘scratch free’!

Just wanted to share with you the amazing transformation of Charlie's skin problems. Thank DOG for Dr. Liza and the the team at Holistic Vets :-) The pictures speak for themselves!

Charlie was constantly scratching and gnawing his belly. His coat was dry, course and he had dandruff. He was miserable, you could just tell he was 'over' feeling uncomfortable and the scratching was making him sad and really stressed. He simply couldn't relax anymore...

Ouch, his belly was full of blisters that would bleed and irritate him :-( So we visited Dr Liza at Holistic Vets and she gave Charlie a wonderful NIS session, along with a course of Vitamin C tablets, and put him on a daily dose of Chlorella, Flax Seed Oil and My Beau :-)

Gorgeous white, blemish free skin. No more scratching, glossy, healthy and silky fur and of course, one happy Charlie! What a gorgeous healthy belly and glossy fur! :-)

Cody and his son Costa

Cody, a lovely Newfoundland, had ongoing issues with his skin for years. He suffered from a condition called atopy as well as recurrent fungal infections that caused him to be consistently itchy making him scratch, chew his paws and have sore ears.

The only way his symptoms were made bearable was by dosing him with steroids, to suppress the itch, and anti-biotics as well as anti-fungals but he’d come to a point that even with these on board he was still itchy, smelly and uncomfortable.

When I first examined Cody, I found that his coat was dry and his skin had flakes making it look like he had dandruff. He also had a very musty smell to his coat which is often present with persistent fungal infections and also a thick mucous discharge in the corners of his eyes indicating a low grade ongoing inflammation.  In addition to this I noticed that when he walked he was quite stiff and he had a lack of muscle mass, especially along his lower spine and back legs. This is common in dogs with back issues.

From a holistic point of view we recognise that the presence of an infection represents an imbalance in the body. When we rebalance the body and boost the immune system, getting to the root of the problem, we often get resolution of the problem and end up with dogs that smell much better, are no longer itchy and are a lot happier.

Next I addressed Cody’s diet, which is a crucial key in helping to manage and resolve itchy skin conditions. I was very impressed with the well balanced homemade diet that Cody was being fed by his owner, Eileen. It included meat, bones, vegetables and a variety of important supplements such as MSM and glucosamine to support his joints as well as fish oil. Good quality fish oil supplements are free of heavy metal contaminants and contain high concentrations of omega 3 fatty acids. Omega 3’s are very important for health and well being; they help to support joints, give the skin and coat an extra barrier of protection, boost the immune system and they also have natural anti-inflammatory properties.

The prednisone (a type of steroid) that vets may use to try and manage dogs with itchy skin has some negative effects, one of which is suppression of the immune system. When used long term, it can make it more difficult for us to help the body to rebalance and to heal itself naturally. Since Cody had been on these drugs for years, I warned Eileen that it may take a while before we made significant headway with Cody’s skin issues (usually we see results for most dogs within 2 to 4 weeks).

For Cody we devised a treatment plan using a therapy called NIS (Neurological Integration system) to help boost his immune system and get his body to naturally rebalance and to stop his infection. We also put him onto a herbal / homeopathic tonic to help his joints and detoxify his body. The presence of toxins act as “spokes in the wheel” of healing. An analogy would be running a car; you may put in all the best fuel but if the engine is clogged up with waste then it won’t run smoothly or go at all.

We also made some adjustments to Cody’s diet to exclude grains and red meats, as these can sometimes aggravate skin conditions, added in a multivitamin as well as anti-oxidants to help combat damage by free radicals (which often compromise the immune sytem and may cause damage to joints and other tissues in the body) and increased the amount of probiotics in his diet to help restore the “good bugs” in his body that are instrumental in assisting the body to combat infection.

Cody revisited 3 weeks later, he had hardly been scratching or chewing at his paws at all and was so much happier in himself. When I examined him I was delighted to find that his eyes were brighter and no longer had the thick mucous in the corners, his coat was a lot less flaky and he smelled almost normal, indicating that we were making good progress with his skin but his movement was still stiff. We repeated the NIS treatment and this time paid closer attention to his spine and hind legs.

After this treatment, Cody’s movement improved and he was able to walk around smoothly with much less discomfort. Over the following months, he continued to make good progress. Although he occasionally has mild relapses, Eileen manages to keep his symptoms under control and recently reported that “his coat looks fabulous and he now trots around like a sprightly youngster with attitude”.

Itchy skin conditions can be extremely frustrating for pets, their owners and their vets. Although some dogs may need drugs such as steroids or anti-histamines to manage a serious itchy skin condition, there are many options available to help get to the root of the problem and reduce or eliminate the need for these drugs but to help ensure a successful outcome, the sooner these are applied, the better.

'Mr Monty'

My name is Monty and I was born the most adorable dog in the world. I love everybody and everything.  Anyone who pays me some attention becomes my new friend.  I whimper at other dogs when we are out walking as I want them to stay and play and try to make friends with cats but they run away from me.  I don’t understand why.  I came to live in the Bay of Plenty when I was 9 months old.  I am a Lhasa Apso/ Tibetan terrier cross.  My new Mum and Dad saw me on Trade Me and fell in love.  The first night we arrived in Papamoa I settled down in my bed and started scratching and scratching and scratching.  I couldn’t sleep because I scratched all the time.  I licked my feet a lot too and kept my new parents awake an awful lot.

My Mum took me to the Vet which began a weekly process while he tried all sorts of things to make me better.  He thought I may have an allergy to something like kikuyu grass but nothing seemed to help.  I had a cortisone injection and lots of antibiotics and the vet found I had a very bad ear infection.  He thought I had had it since I was a very young puppy as my ear canal was thickened and not nice and soft and pink like most puppies are.  My Mum and Dad took me back & forwards to the Vet for several months and my Mum was getting very worried about all the medication I was having and what to do as nothing he tried seemed to help.  Eventually the Vet suggested that Mum and Dad take me to a skin specialist in Hamilton.

My Mum went home very sad and tired (from my scratching all the time).  She cried a little bit as she loved me so much but was worried that Dad and she wouldn’t be able to keep me if my health was going to be so expensive.  Dad said why don’t you give Liza Schneider a ring at Holistic Vets and see if she can help. So that is how we ended up at Holistic Vets.

The first time we drove up to Holistic Vets I just thought it a very cool place.  I bounded in the door to be met by Louby who made such a fuss of me.  She gave me a treat too.  Then I decided to visit Lisa the other vet (she didn’t know I was going to bound into her office) and she was just lovely too – she gave me a treat as well.  I decided this was a very awesome place to visit where everyone pats you and makes such a fuss.  At that moment Liza came out and well I thought she was too nice looking to be a vet.  Liza even has the same coloured eyes as me. She called me “Mr Monty” and that made me puff my chest out.  Fancy being called Mr before I am fully grown!

Liza told Mum to throw out any commercial dog food and to put me on a raw diet of chicken and fish and lots of vegetables.  She gave me a multivitamin and vitamin C.  She also made me up some homeopathic drops to help my itching and more advice on what I should eat. The result of our visit was truly amazing how quickly I started getting better.

Liza was so kind and checked on me every few weeks and each time I was even healthier than the time before. She said I wouldn’t fully recover until my ear infection had gone and sure enough it eventually cleared up and I am now fit as a fiddle.  My doggy friends at the park can’t believe how much energy I have and I can run really, really fast.  I wear all my friends out.

A lady at the Park came up to my Mum and said I was the most sociable dog she had every met.  That is because I am so happy now.  All my short life I have had itching and ear ache and now I feel so well.  I can’t thank my friends at Holistic Vets enough.  I love them all and so enjoy going to see them. I love Liza the most but one small thing - I do wish she would keep her fingers out of my butt!

A big thank you to you all, Love & hugs

Monty (Mr)

Truda’s Dogged Determination Pays off

It was fourteen months ago when Truda, a twelve year old Labrador came to see us for the first time. She had a number of problems; arthritis which was being treated with anti-inflammatories and an injectable form of glucosamine (this can be very helpful at supporting joints), recurrent skin infections that needed regular courses of anti-biotics, she was obese but most concerning to her owners was a large tumour on the side of her chest about three quarters of the size of a rugby ball and it had been growing quickly!

The tumour was a cancerous growth called a spindle cell tumour which means that it was locally invasive and to remove it completely by surgery would be a huge operation. At her age, with all of her health issues Truda’s Mum and Dad weren’t too keen on putting her through surgery. They wanted our help to treat Truda with complementary therapies so that surgery wouldn’t be necessary.

When I examined Truda I found that she was overweight, her skin had a low grade infection, she had obvious pain and inco-ordination of her back legs and spine due to her arthritis and muscle weakness and her eyes looked tired. Each time she lay down or got up it was a huge effort and her large tumour hung from her side adding to her discomfort. Although the tumour was a big issue, at that stage it was the least of her worries given that she was so sore and run down.

Cancer in our pets, as with us humans, is a fairly common occurrence nowadays. There are many factors which contribute to this increasing trend including poor nutrition, genetics, pollution in our environment and infections, to name but a few.

Cancer develops when a cell begins to grow and divide out of control and isn’t stopped and contained by the immune system. From a holistic point of view we recognize the multifactorial nature of cancer. The development of this serious condition reflects that the body has been damaged and the immune system has failed to recognize and stop the cancer process from progressing.

We devised a treatment plan for Truda making use of herbal medicine, neutraceuticals, NIS (neurological integration system), acupuncture and bicarbonate. We also changed her diet to include more natural food, including raw meat which she loved! Our aim was to support her health and vitality, help strengthen her muscles and joints, boost her immune system and ideally help it to recognise the tumour and destroy it.

Each time Truda visited she showed amazing determination and progress. She would reluctantly come into the clinic, preferring to rather be out having a walk at the park, get her treatments and in true lab style, appreciate being given doggy treats. She displayed an improvement in her general health, she was brighter, moving around more easily and her skin and coat were much healthier. Unfortunately there had been no change in the tumour size and we were coming to a point where there was no other option except surgery but could she manage such a big operation?

We ran a panel of blood tests to check that her liver and kidneys were ok. Her results were impressive for an old girl. There were no abnormalities which gave us peace of mind that she would be likely to cope with the anaesthetic.

To help her through the procedure, we began the day of her surgery with a session in our hyperbaric oxygen chamber to pre-oxygenate her body. Her operation went well and we removed as much of the tumour as we could.

That afternoon we had her snoozing soundly on some powerful drugs. Not much roused her until we offered her some food. Her nose twitched acknowledging the food and as it registered in her brain that food was present she immediately sat up and wolfed it all down! A couple of hours later we took her out for toileting and with amazing strength she dragged me at the other end of her drip line and lead to the car park looking for her Mum and Dad and her way home! She went on to make a full recovery.

Now, a year after her surgery, she’s a happy dog. Although she is slow and her walks in the park are more about “smelling the roses” and greeting passersby in her very social manner. She still has good quality of life and continues to age gracefully.

Tyson's Incredible Recovery From Ant Bait Poisoning

Tyson, a gorgeous 6 month old American Bulldog was brought in to see me first thing on a Saturday morning. He had been vomiting and salivating overnight, wasn’t interested in eating and was a little lethargic, which is totally different to the exuberant and joyous young pup that he is.

I examined him and suspected a gastro-intestinal upset, a common occurrence at this time of the year, and gave him a few injections to help him feel better. He went home to be monitored closely by his loving owner.
By the afternoon Tyson was deteriorating rapidly. I did a home visit to see him and found that he was vomiting up blood, lying on his side unresponsive and was beginning to go into shock.

I rushed him to the clinic where we quickly put him onto a drip and started him on some intravenous vitamin C, which can be an incredibly valuable aid at helping the body to fight off infection and assisting tissue healing.
Within a few minutes, he started to stabilize but we were nowhere near “out of the woods”. With his internal bleeding and collapsed state I was very worried about him and knew that unless we had some kind of miracle happen, his life was in great danger.

Thankfully, we are very lucky to have one of only three veterinary hyperbaric oxygen chambers in New Zealand. Treatment in the chamber (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy or HBOT) has profound healing effects as it delivers high concentrations of oxygen to all the tissues of the body which accelerates healing, kills bugs and promotes vitality. I treated Tyson in the chamber as soon as he was stable enough and an hour after his treatment he was standing up!

That night I slept with him at the clinic to monitor him and ensure he was getting all the medications that he needed. He was still very weak but would wag his tail when I went to check on him. Through the night he continued to vomit up large amounts of browny red fluid with bloody globules and meaty looking bits meaning that he was still bleeding inside, in fact so severely that his gut lining was sloughing off.

By Sunday morning he was again very lethargic and could hardly move. His caring owner came into visit him and was distraught; we had a long way to go if he was to pull through. She reported that there was a lot of ant poison near her house where Tyson spent a lot of time and this helped to explain his symptoms… small amounts of ant poison can lead to tummy upsets but larger amounts cause the gut to bleed and can be deadly.

We repeated his HBOT which helped to perk him up, he sat up and again wagged his tail. Through the day he slowly looked brighter and even wanted to drink some water but because of the severe damage to his gut he just vomited it all up again despite all the anti-vomiting medication he was getting. We kept him on his drip and that night we treated him again with HBOT. He then started to have very watery diarrhea but at least there was no blood coming through which meant that at last his internal bleeding had stopped and his gut was beginning to heal!

By Monday morning he was looking stronger and could even go for short walks outside, he still continued to vomit though and was losing a lot of weight, his ribs now really showing after 3 days with no food and severe illness. In the afternoon he received an acupuncture treatment and by the next morning he hadn’t vomited at all overnight!

Tyson continued to make a steady recovery and by the Wednesday he was able to eat some food and keep it down, which was remarkable given the severity of the damage to his gut.

He is now a fit and healthy young dog with no sign of any problems. Thanks to the incredible love and devotion of his owner as well as the fabulous therapies of HBOT and acupuncture, Tyson survived severe ant poisoning and will hopefully never be that sick again.

Tom’s Recovery from Feline Leprosy

Leprosy in cats is a relatively rare disease caused by bacteria that are similar to the type that cause tuberculosis. Unlike human leprosy, the presenting problem is usually raised skin lumps that can appear in one or more places. Feline leprosy is spread by rat bites and cats of any age may get it. It can usually be treated.

Tom is a gorgeous cat, very affectionate and a real character. One day his owner Sue noticed a lump on his toe about half a centimeter in size that was raised and a bit red but didn’t seem to be bothering him. We put him onto a course of anti-biotics incase of a common infection as well as high doses of vitamin C which is helpful to support the immune system and assist with the resolution of many skin issues.

A couple of weeks later there was no change in the lump and there was a second lump coming up on Tom’s forearm. He was a little subdued and we were concerned about him.

The next step was a fine needle aspirate (FNA) to determine what the lumps were. A FNA uses a fine needle at the end of a syringe to suck some of the lump material out and squirt it onto a microscope slide. We then send the sample to the laboratory where the pathologists examine it under a microscope. The conclusion was that Tom had feline leprosy.

There are two main avenues of treatment; medical and surgical. Sue and I decided to start treatment with the medical approach and if it didn’t work then we would do surgery to remove the lumps at a later stage.

We prescribed some homeopathic drops, a broad spectrum anti-oxidant for immune support and a strong drug, Rifampicin, to kill the leprosy bacteria.

The morning of his second dose of the Rifampicin Tom had an anaphylactic reaction to the medication. His face and paws swelled up severely, his breathing became labored and his life was in danger.

Thank goodness Sue spotted the problem and acted quickly to bring him into hospital. We gave Tom adrenalin as well as corticosteroids to help his body to resolve the anaphylaxis and then also placed him onto intra-venous fluids.

Additional supportive treatments were given later on; intra-venous vitamin C, which boosts recovery and a therapy called NIS – Neurological Integration System, a therapy originally developed for humans which has profound effects on balancing the body and restoring

health. We use this therapy to help animals with a variety of health issues including stubborn infections and trauma.

Tom was initially very subdued but through the day he went on to make a steady recovery and he went home that evening to devour his dinner, a little tired but much brighter. The next day he was just about back to his normal smoochy self and the astonishing thing was that his leprosy lumps had reduced to half their size overnight!

Because of his anaphylactic reaction to the drug, he didn’t get any more medication but he went on to make a full recovery with the lumps disappearing completely within a few days and they haven’t returned since.

Simba's recovery from aggressive cancer

As a very young pup, Simba suddenly developed a very large lump just under his hind leg. Surgery to remove the lump was performed and it was found to be a very rare but highly aggressive cancer that would inevitably re-grow. However, Simba is very lucky to have a wonderful Mum, Lisa, who was determined to do everything in her power to prevent this from happening and so we treated Simba with powerful supplements, herbs and NIS therapy which kept him problem free until he hit his “teenage” years. He started to become aggressive with the other dogs at home and Lisa decided that it was time to neuter him.

Simba made a wonderful recovery from the de-sexing surgery but within a month after, the cancer returned and despite our best efforts grew to a point where it was so big that his back leg’s hip was being pushed out of its socket. Lisa was unsure whether it was fair to put Simba through another big surgery or whether it was kinder to put him to sleep. In the end, Simba’s loving family decided to “bite the bullet” and we spent 3 hours in surgery removing the mass which weighed nearly 1 kg. Pretty huge given that Simba weighs only 8 kg!

Removing the cancer is only part of the process as it’s very important that we kill any other remaining cancer cells and get the immune system to work optimally to prevent reoccurrence so we integrated some unique therapies like bicarbonate through catheter into the region of the lump which kills cancer cells, HBOT (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy) to boost his immune system and accelerate recovery, CN powder and help from our friends at Healing World.

Simba made a fantastic recovery and it’s now nearly three years later and there has been no sign of regrowth of the lump. He’s a wonderful example of how using the Best of Both Worlds along with the wonderful care of his fabulous family, has given little Simba his life back.

"I could not have saved my dog without the fantastic service which Holistic Vets gave"

I could not have saved my dog without the fantastic service which Holistic Vets gave Fubu, my six year old boxer cross, when she became fully paralyzed after a run in with a bank at full speed. (Head first). After several x-rays and examinations from conventional vets the diagnosis was that her spinal core was squashed between several vertebrae in her neck with severe nerve damage and not much hope.

She was very alert and was in no pain whatsoever, but was distressed with her situation. She also had Shiff-Sherrington Syndrome which made her front legs lock up every time she was moved. We were told this would never come right.  Conventional vets told me there was nothing I could do and it was just a matter of time before I would have to make that inevitable decision (to put her down).

I was quite distressed and had many sleepless nights with her as she had no control over her bladder and bowels and was uncomfortable staying on one side for long. A few days passed and a friend hearing my unhappiness with this decision put me on to The Holistic Vets. It had been five days since her accident when I saw Liza and Fubu had given up eating and drinking as she had developed a stomach ulcer due to the drugs she had had.

When I took her to Liza Fubu and I were sleep deprived, stressed out and extremely sad. Liza immediately said that there was a good chance she would walk again but was honest by saying it would just be a very long road to recovery. Eager to do what ever it took to get my baby Fubu back to her happy, nutty self these words were music to my ears. I finally felt as though I wasn’t the mad woman trying to save the unsaveable.

Liza gave Fubu a vitamin c drip to pick her up, expressed her bladder, gave me a chemist full of natural vitamins and minerals to give her the boost she needed, special food and all the tools and advice I needed to care for her myself until our next visit. She also performed some therapy on her which involved my assistance and  helped me to understand what she was doing. It was extremely odd to me at first but it worked extremely quickly and very effectively which encouraged me to continue using this method for further treatment.

Liza suggested we use a hyperbaric chamber for Fubu for ten days to speed up recovery which at first I was skeptical about but after the first few sessions she began to move her legs, which was a burst of hope and later proved to be the best choice I could have made. She began eating, drinking and wagging her tail again. By the end of the chamber sessions she was able to stand for short periods of time on her own and walk a few steps. I was extremely ecstatic. She was well on the road to recovery.

Thanks to the help of Liza and her therapy, Hyperbaric oxygen therapy, natural remedies and wonderful, kind, caring, out of her way service Fubu is now running around as happy as can be with about 95% of her mobility back and still healing.

I could not have saved my dog without the fantastic service which Liza gave. She put up with my distressed phone calls, after hours visits and multiple questions with professionalism and a genuine empathy for Fubu. Her confidence that Fubu would recover made me feel very confident and happy. In my eyes she went beyond what a normal vet does with genuine concern. For that I am truly grateful.

Amy Turner

“I recommend Holistic Vets with the knowledge that your animals health will be in very special hands, and that if there is a way to help then they are the best people to find it for you and your pet!”

Late in 2004 my pony Pippi became critically ill and despite the best efforts from my local vet no treatments worked. There was no indication of exactly what was wrong other than some kind of infection. Pippi was just hanging in there, he had a temperature of over 40 degrees and we were giving him IV fluids through a drip. I decided to discontinue some of the treatment my local vet prescribed because the side-effects were causing him to deteriorate even further, he was severely dehydrated, could barely stand and I was very close to having him put down.

During this time I was fortunate enough to be put in touch with Dr. Liza Schneider from Holistic Vets who was the driving force behind Pippi recovering a great deal of his health through the application of nutritional supplements, herbs and homeopathic detoxification. Slowly but steadily Pippi grew stronger and began eating once more. A matter of months later we reached the final diagnosis of pancreatic insufficiency, Pip couldn't make enough digestive hormones or insulin from his pancreas, effectively making him a Type 1 Diabetic. Even without the use of insulin Pip has recovered to a nearly normal weight and is a cheeky and curious pony once more.

As I am based in Australia this has been no mean feat, Holistic Vets have worked in conjunction with myself and my local vet to provide Pippi with a comprehensive treatment regime. Liza in particular has been instrumental in the whole process and there is no doubt without her knowledge of complementary therapies Pippi would not still be here with me two years later. Liza has shown not only a great understanding of the underlying processes that cause disease (rather than just treating symptoms with drugs) but has also shown an enormous amount of compassion and understanding when I was at risk of losing my beloved Pip. The heartache of seeing an animal you love so ill is incredibly distressing and the support I received helped me as much as Pip.

I recommend Holistic Vets with the knowledge that your animals health will be in very special hands, and that if there is a way to help then they are the best people to find it for you and your pet!



Melissa Rolfe (Melbourne, Australia)

"So from being "terminal", Coco was given a new lease on life…"

"Coco, the dog who took ages to haul himself up onto his feet (and most usually with my help), actually LEAPT up when he saw Liza arrive and rushed as fast as unstable legs could get him to her side for the usual love and cuddles and pats"

My much loved dog Coco developed an incurable spine condition, developed arthritis, and collapsed pasterns, had fatty lipomas and when getting really "down" for the first time ever in his life got infested with FLEAS - badly. For too long he had been fed too many chemically laden foods (the normal ones that are purported to be so good) - but on realizing how bad they were for him, I changed his diet to fresh meats, and grated raw veggies.

When he got so bad as to finding it hard to walk, and falling over and in obvious pain, the vets I was taking him to suggested it might be time to "put him down" but I knew that I had not got everything done for him that could be - and so when I found out about Holistic Vet Services I phoned.

Liza came and saw Coco at our home for the first visit and in fact for most visits thereafter. Firstly Liza gave him a thorough examination and then we talked the whole issue of treatments available for Coco - and those that I was comfortable with were used. I was even encouraged to give him some injections myself along with the new tablets and drops- keeping to the most "natural" we could.

Coco just got better and better and better for the most part - when something new was tried I monitored the effects and if I was not happy they were stopped. At a time when he was going "downhill" again- I wanted to try something that I had read about so I started using that product and Liza was supportive and advised to use complimentary products to that as well.  So from being "terminal" Coco was given a new lease on life and enjoyment in that life.

All the way through Liza was fully supportive, always endeavored to help not only Coco, but me as well to be strong for him and happy in myself about him - so in and through all this I got a lot more quality time with him. He had been so bad his ears had usually been held down tight against his head and his tail hanging low all due to the considerable pain he was in, but progressively and sometimes almost immediate changes were evident after various new treatments introduced - his ears came back up straight and held high, and even his tail was lifted up and wagged from side to side - this he had not been able to do for quite some time.

It was unfortunate that I had not learned a lot earlier in his life all about natural ways for dogs - the same for humans! - then Coco would not have suffered that way. When finally his spine condition worsened and his immune system collapsed I just knew on a certain day that he was losing the battle - I phoned Liza. NOTHING seemed like it was too much trouble for her, and she came at the time best for us, and Coco's life was ended in the front garden with him having spent the whole day  there with me, with the neighbors having come to say their goodbyes. When Liza came she was kind not only to Coco but to Gordon and me as well, making what could have been a truly traumatic time into a bearable one.

However - I feel the greatest testimony to Liza's care for animals is that Coco, the dog who took ages to haul himself up onto his feet (and most usually with my help), actually LEAPT up when he saw Liza arrive and rushed as fast as unstable legs could get him  to her side for the usual love and cuddles and pats - he LOVED this vet to pieces. And for me? Liza very much included me in the planning and managing the health of my dog - which meant a relaxed owner - which meant a more relaxed dog. I highly recommend the services of Liza and the Holistic Vets to all owners of animals.

Frances Bohm

"We have peace of mind knowing that Monday is happy and healthier. Liza gave us security in the knowledge that there are other ways of overcoming health problems"

Liza first came to visit us when one of our goats Monday was most unwell from worm infestation. He had become resistant to conventional drenches and the conventional veterinary practices had no suggestions as to what to do next. On top of that, Monday had other health problems which kept recurring from a viral pneumonia he had had from birth from the herd that he came from to us. This was a big worry for us as Monday and our other goats and other animals are very important and very close to us.

Liza came with a genuine caring and compassion and utmost commitment to making Monday well. This meant that Liza looked at the whole of Monday and studied his health history and then treated him clearing Monday's system of deep seated viruses and bacteria that had been there for a long time. There was an instant improvement and other illnesses such as arthritis were also improved.  Liza recommended vitamin and mineral supplements and general nutritional advice as well as advised homoeopathic and other healing which benefited Monday, our other goats and other animals as well as ourselves.  This was something quite amazing that we were also being healed which helped Monday and the others in their healing. This is something that we would never have received from conventional veterinary practices.

In effect there has been a complete holistic healing for Monday and our other animals and ourselves influencing our whole approach to life and caring for our animals, the land and ourselves. Monday's quality of life is so improved. We now have a goat who is enjoying his life with his goat friends and horse friend Fleur and with us.

We have peace of mind knowing that Monday is happy and healthier. Liza gave us security in the knowledge that there are other ways of overcoming health problems. We are eternally grateful to Liza and her unique healing powers.

Thank you Liza.

Janice and Craig Strong

"Charlie, I am now proud to say is 7 kilos, glossy black coat, slender, beautiful and full of mischief, with not a bit of urinary problems in sight and his teeth are clean and white. I have been given my beautiful cat back through knowledgeable care and attention…"

"One week after these drops had been finished I noticed that the limp had gone and the bump on Gina’s back had reduced to almost nothing… "

"Thanks to Holistic Vets, I now have peace of mind with my cats, so if your animals aren’t leaping around full of mischief go and see Liza, you won’t regret it"

I have three cats Charlie, Gina and Jasper.

Charlie was overweight, I knew it and every one else did too and didn’t hesitate to tell me often. He was 11 kilos. Having said that, he is a very long legged cat with a very large skull, so many a vet nurse has told me whilst holding his head to do this that and the other!

A few years ago he spent a week in a veterinary clinic with a urinary problem that most people thought was a battle he would lose. I would visit him twice a day and such love and trust did he have in me that when he saw me, he would cry. (The nurse told me this is rare but some cats weep) Of course my heart was breaking.  Needless to say the vets did a wonderful job and pulled him through, and I am forever thankful for this.

Over a period of time the same symptoms came back and I was told he needed to go on a single diet of cat biscuits for this problem and nothing else. This did not go down well with me.  One man made food preparation cannot give any living thing all its nutritional needs no matter how clever the scientist and how good the advertising is! And I would not like to eat the same food every day myself, so why would I subject the cat in my care who depends on me for most of his food to that? (I have studied a great deal about food for humans over the years. The cleaner, greener, nearest to nature’s intention and less messed about with is always best)

Then I was introduced to Holistic Veterinary Services. The bit that caught my eye was "Holistic veterinary services and home visits". When you have three cats it can be traumatic for every one going to the vet. Any vet coming to the home environment is much better as the vet can see the whole situation. So I called.

I was delighted to find a friendly welcoming voice at the end of the phone. (Phone manners are often lacking today and can give you doubts about the rest of the service).  An appointment was made with ease and my confidence lifted. I just might be in good hands here.

Cats are clever creatures and with care and attention you get to know their ways. And I know mine! One of my little darlings the only girl Gina (all are moggies and all have landed on my doorstep in a state of much misery) decided to sit right by the door. When she realized she couldn’t get out, she kept looking at me to say why would I stop her doing that? So out came the brush, her favourite thing and she was happy.  Charlie decided he was going to push the door open that leads to the cat door he nearly managed it! Meanwhile my big placid boy Jasper sat back looking at all of this with a great deal of amusement!

Liza is clever, she new that I needed her to come in quickly and gently and with admirable attention to detail she blocked the front door with her case while stepping through the tiny space, stopping the eruption of three cats escaping! Beautifully executed!

As soon as I turned my real attention to Liza I was delighted to find an intelligent friendly and compassionate person. (My opinion has not changed over the time I have known her.)

What Liza offers is high standard of traditional veterinary care plus the advantage of holistic training, which means if there is a better way to achieve what needs to be done, she will find it by looking at both sides of the equation.

With Charlie she used standard veterinary stuff first. (It does have a place) and then for long term it was all about diet and Homeopathics. She also had an analysis done on Charlie to test for things that couldn’t be seen.  This proved amazingly valuable as it picked out things that would never have been spotted. 
4 months later on a diet of fresh meat that I buy from the pet shop in Greerton (no more biscuits) and a product called My Beau, Charlie, I am now proud to say is 7 kilos, glossy black coat, slender, beautiful and full of mischief, with not a bit of urinary problems in sight and his teeth are clean and white. I have been given my beautiful cat back through knowledgeable care and attention.  Thank you Liza.

Gina who loves Charlie to bits (Charlie brought her home. She was full of ringworm, malnourished and had very bad teeth. She was very tiny and was only about 2 months old and sadly is still very frightened of strangers) She was a challenge which Liza rose to beautifully.  I needed her to get to know Gina before she even touched her, so over a period, at each of Lizas visits to see Charlie she would greet Gina but never touch her until Gina got used to her being there. Then one day they made friends. Gina had had a bad limp that the vets I had seen, had not been able to diagnose. This bothered me as it was getting slowly worse. Although Liza may have had an idea, she wanted to do an analysis for Gina.

The news was not great but the way it was handled was marvellous. She had rheumatoid arthritis and cancer cells in very early stage of growth. Liza organised the homeopathic drops to be given to Gina over a period of one week. Charlie had been a breeze to give them too but he has always been easy to give things to. Gina is the complete opposite! I see you all have a picture in your head of me looking at the curtains in shreds while Gina sits somewhere out of reach! But it was a lot easier than I expected and certainly a lot easier than any tablet.

One week after these drops had been finished I noticed that the limp had gone and the bump on her back had reduced to almost nothing.  I was thrilled because one of the side effects of this problem had been an inability to jump up onto any furniture so she would drag herself up, now she just leaps up with no problem.  As for the food she is certainly much glossier, but she still does have too much skin for her skeleton!

As for Jasper, well other than dirty ears he really wasn’t in trouble, we had a check over and an ear clean and the new diet of fresh raw meat has given his coat a lovely sheen.

Now you may say, good all is well with him, but alas a few weeks later he seemed very drowsy and after another analyses the result came back that he had been exposed to weed killer. I refuse to use this but sadly neighbours who haven’t thought the whole thing through still do. All it takes is a little walk through a patch that has been sprayed and the cat cleans itself and voila. He is coming right but please, don’t spray!

So to Holistic veterinary services and Liza, I highly recommend them, I can’t recommend them enough; they have given me confidence in the food I am giving my cats. I feel more confident that no nasty diseases are lurking in the background and I know that the quality of life for each of them is far better than if I had not made that first appointment with Liza.

Thanks to Liza I now have peace of mind with my cats, so if your animals aren’t leaping around full of mischief go and see Liza, you won’t regret it.

Thanks Liza
Joanne Booth