Holistic Vets

Naturally Healthy Pets with Dr Liza

Date and Time: Wed, Aug 1st, 2018 12:00:00 am


How can you provide natural care to your beloved pets that promotes health and minimizes the likelihood of disease problems especially in later life? Natural Healthy Pets provides a starting point for owners committed to pets with optimal health and well-being.

The following titles are available for purchase from 1st August 2018!

1. An Introduction Holistic Care for Naturally Healthy Pets

2. Complementary Therapies and an Integrative Approach to Veterinary Care

3. Nutrition for Health & Healing 

4. Care of Your Aged Animal

5. Care of Young Animals, Desexing & Responsible Breeding

6. Infection, Immune Support & Vaccination

7. Holistic Parasite Control

8. Dental Health