Liza has always believed that as a vet, it is not simply her job to practice veterinary science but it is her responsibility to make sure that she’s always given her patient the best possible care knowing that she’s explored every possible option to enhance their health.

Working as an employee for a number of years, she found that this was not necessarily easy to do and additionally she grew frustrated using the limited tools of traditional practice for resolving a number of growing health problems like arthritis, allergies and cancer to name but a few. This led her to explore and learn other therapies which she found helped to improve animals’ health incredibly well.

Determined to provide a unique and an exceptionally high level of service for those animal owners wanting other options for their pets, Liza moved to Tauranga and in 2003 she established Holistic Vets. Liza began as a mobile service seeing her clients in the comfort of their own home and gained popularity for providing an excellent, convenient and quality based service.

In 2005 Holistic Vets set up small premises with surgical and hospital facilities with a part time nurse and reception support. By 2007, with further growth and increasing popularity it was necessary to move to a bigger building and employ full time support staff. Holistic Vets clinic moved to 212 Fraser street where it continues to grow with the wonderful support of a dynamic and down to earth team who are all passionate about animal health and quality care.